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IZIO was ranked the #1 outsourcing consulting firm in the world by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) based on the value delivered to our clients. Since our founding in 2003, we have advised on hundreds of outsourcing engagements for the world's leading companies and not a single one of the outsource relationships we've helped establish has ended before term. IZIO advised on over $5B in outsourcing contract value in 2011, and our team is actively consulting on 20-25 outsource relationships at any given point in time. This volume of work feeds our proprietary database of over 700 contracts.

Outsourcing can provide significant value to an organization in terms of cost savings, speed to market, service improvement and access to innovation. But it also comes with significant risk if an organization outsources the wrong scope, chooses the wrong provider, negotiates a bad contract or fails to properly manage the services from the outsource partner. IZIO 's experienced consultants leverage proprietary tools and information databases to identify and engage the optimal providers for your situation, negotiate best practice terms at fair market prices, and improve the way you work with your outsource partners.

We help outsourcing buyers to maximize their cost savings and service quality, minimize risk and accelerate speed to value. IZIO can get in and out quickly to jump start the process, accelerate the solution and transfer knowledge to your internal team so they can better manage the services going forward. The ROI on our client engagements typically ranges from 20-30 times our fees.

Outsourcing Consulting Services

Total Financial Analysis
Strategy and Business Case
Provider Selection
Sole Source
Contract Negotiation
Transformation Management
Communications Management
Retained Organization Design
Operational Alignment
Service Management
Vendor Management

Information Database

IZIO has been advising clients on outsourcing transactions for 9+ years over which time we have collected data from 100s of outsourcing engagements. Our outsourcing consulting team leverages benchmarking databases that are updated real-time week over week throughout the year and can be sorted and searched to provide price, performance and contract terms across different industries, geographies, vendors/providers/carriers, technologies, contract scope and scale. Not only do we have broader and deeper databases than other outsourcing consulting firm, the mathematical algorithms we employ turn the data into relevant information.

Global Presence

IZIO 's international experience, in country resources and contract databases provide transparency to buyers seeking to navigate offshore outsourcing. Our database of contract data points covers North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific ensuring you get the best possible deal structure and current price for services in any geography. IZIO consultants on the ground in Europe and Asia have deep experience with geography specific regulatory requirements, labor rates, exchange rate fluctuations, workforce quality, infrastructure, and geopolitical risks.


Our data-driven outsourcing consulting methodology ensures consistent outcomes at each IZIO client. Our tools, templates and processes have been honed over the course of 100s of outsourcing engagements conducted over 9+ years. A key part of IZIO 's FastSourceâ„¢ methodology is the Sourcing Alignment Systemâ„¢ (SAS) which IZIO developed based on collaborative techniques originally introduced by NASA. SAS is a codified system of activities that results in internal stakeholder alignment and the selection of an outsourcing partner with the best cultural and operational fit. Our methodology provides the structure for efficient engagements with consistent outcomes while allowing for the flexibility needed to accommodate each individual client's situation and preferred approach.

Experienced Team

Our outsourcing consulting team includes over 115 individuals with 20+ year careers in pricing, negotiations, business development and executive leadership roles with leading network carriers. IZIO 's insider knowledge can provide transparency to the market and our prowess at the negotiating table can help your business save money on your outsourced services. IZIO 's consultants come from all over the world, with a broad range of professional backgrounds and functional disciplines. Our team includes former CIOs, CTOs, COOs and CFOs from Global 2000 companies as well as senior executives from the provider community and partners from traditional management consulting firms. Every client receives a team of outsourcing experts with deep experience in their industry vertical and subject matter expertise in the function/product being outsourced. Every one of our consultants has received comprehensive training in the use of our methodology, tools and templates and is required to contribute back to our knowledge repository to ensure continuous improvement of best practices.

The IZIO Difference

In contrast to many of our competitors, IZIO does not take fees or compensation in any other form from outsource providers. Our team is completely unbiased ensuring we recommend the right provider for you, not the provider paying us behind the scenes. We help our clients to establish sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships by building internal stakeholder consensus, fostering a collaborative process during provider selection and advising our clients on internal changes needed to optimize the way they work with their outsource partners. Because of this we are the only outsourcing consulting firm to enjoy a "zero divorce" track record on the relationships we've created. Our database has more data, our team has more experience and our methodology ensures consistent outcomes. Leveraging all three ensures you get to the optimal outcome in the shortest amount of time.

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